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itsrobert posted:
MikeG posted:
I've only just realised - all new graphics for News, WBR, Asia Today etc means I've got to capture the lot! Lol!

And I've only just got the old set! Still got quite a few from that to upload!

Oh well...

Don't worry, I've got WBR covered. I've got a whole programme on tape, so I'll do some caps from that a little later on. I'll tape Asia Today tomorrow morning too.

No - I meant for WORLDwatch! It's OK because I can now capture them any time. Asia Today and WBR are on all the time so it's no real fuss.

I have to say though, TWT's graphics do look really awful on News 24!
harshy5,358 posts since 24 Mar 2001
The graphics are great on World, but look awful on N24 because it dosen't line up with the clock, and the top LIVE caption, is not big enough for the N24 DOG, but perfect for World!

But World have got a proper location strap, plus a better aston for Pictures from etc etc, all in all better then the crap from N24!
Pete8,940 posts since 18 Jun 2001
ew. they're AWFUL. I hate them. They look, kinda, well, temporary 'lets pretend we're news 24 for a day' astons. They could have at leaste made the effort for the lining up with the clock on News 24, plus the fact N24's go all the way to the bottom makes it easier on the eye in letterbox. I've noticed News 24's are getting mroe transparetn now. But why don't they use their breaking news whoosy round everywhere phone graphics?

BBC World, thumbs down.
MikeG0 post since 12 Jul 2001
I have to say World has got the better half - again! Lol! The mislining with everything as shown on the TWT ones show how rubbish they look on News 24 but are quite nice on World only.

Anyway - World Business Report:



Pete8,940 posts since 18 Jun 2001
The WBR ones are quite nice but I hate the new World ones. I can't see why people like them, unless they are being sheep and saying that they think they are better simple because they are BBC World.
alek15 posts since 4 Jan 2003
They look okay...better than the News 24 ones. The astons for the World News really don't fit the idents for the programme. Why can't they use the China Red/Ivory theme - the colours go so well together. I don't really like how the font size is bigger too...
harshy5,358 posts since 24 Mar 2001
I think BBC News 24's is the dogs bolloxs, they name aston isn't in line with the time, while their sport one is in line, BBC News 24 sports astons in terms of the quality of the text is still below par, and of course they still got a **** vamp, and an elephant at the start of their news theme, all this funded by the licence fee!

BBC World on the other hand isn't, so in that sense, the graphics are brilliant for a channel that is not top priority for the Beeb, or is it??