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Same crap over and over. 2011 has been done to death - introduce a new Christmas ident instead of being fatalistic as usual.
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If the suspected rebrand happens next year, they won't waste money on an ident for BBC Two if they're only going to use it for one year. So unless they're still using this ident this time next year, I can forgive them.

How times have changed when money would have been spent for idents for one year and that ident would have only been used for 3 days.

I suppose budget restraints, people becoming bored of one ident being used over a full month and the increased cost of creating idents have all added to the reasons to not change things every year.
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BBC2 Network's first Christmas ident playout is, well, terrible. Basically, just the design first used in 2011 but with a lazy replacement of the audio that isn't even worth bothering to upload, so I won't.
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And there we go - the worst year for BBC Christmas presentation yet.

I can't disagree, re BBC2. I, perhaps, may be in the minority here but last year's BBC1 idents were worse than this year's Christmas Jumper and Bald Head ones, but that really isn't saying much.

Is this really the same channel that gave us Snowball ?

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