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Probably no surprise but BBC News have decided to announce...
Mary Berry's first post-Bake Off show revealed
The BBC has announced details of Mary Berry's first show since leaving The Great British Bake Off.

She will sample the culinary histories of stately homes and create new recipes inspired by her visits in Mary Berry's Secrets From Britain's Great Houses.

News article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-37870515
Media centre: http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2016/mary-berry-secrets-from-britains-great-houses
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I don't think it will do as well as Channel 4 expect.

How well do they expect it to do? If it recoups their investment in advertising and sponsorship, and then generates a bit of extra income to return to other programmes (C4 is a non-profit PSB after all) then I suspect they will be happy.

I don't think anyone at C4 expects BBC One level ratings, though I'm sure they hope it will do better than Channel Four News...
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The Great American Baking Show has just starting airing on ABC this evening. With MARY BERRY! 2 episodes back to back for the premiere.


This year the show returns with Merry Berry and Johnny Innuzzi and Nia Valardos and her husband.( no Im not sure why either, the husband is still a mystery pick to me) The show again is produced, filmed and edited by LOVE PRODUCTIONS at the GBBO tent in the UK (But it doesnt seem to be filmed at Welford Park). So it looks and feels like the original show production wise (but no Mel and Sue and Paul of course). Same cinematography, music, graphics, etc. So it looks the same for the most part. But no historical element as in the GBBO. (Commercial telly so that was probably dropped for time) This year the show has been renamed. Previously it was called the Great Holiday Baking Show and it was only a 4 part special. This time its called the Great American Baking Show

(And before anyone pipes up about the name, they cant use BAKE OFF because that name is trademarked in the USA by Pillsbury since 1991. Apparently it was a baking competion held by Pillsbury. https://trademarks.justia.com/741/47/bake-74147821.html )
(No that logo above is not from the titles, just the promos. The actual opening titles look similar to GBBO but shorter and holiday themed music.)

And yes the PBS broadcasts of the Great British Bake Off are renamed as well. They even go so far as to digitally change the title on the glass cake stand given to the winner at the end of the program. (Well at least they did with Nadia, they may have edited out other scenes that showed the cake stand in other seasons)

The Great American Baking Show also has double the episodes of the previous incarnation as a limited special. Apparently 8 episodes were filmed for this series. Now this will be interesting to see if Mary washes her hands of LOVE PRODUCTIONS after this series airs. Of course as its just gone to air, but we shall see if Mary continues to work with LOVE PROD for ABC next season.

This casting advert says there were going to do versions. A Summer version and a Holiday version. Well a summer version never aired and the version airing now has been renamed and is holiday themed. So something behind the scenes must'ave went down when the casting started.
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