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BBC World
Las Estrellas (part of Televisa), Mexico; 10 en Punto con Denise Maerker (10pm news), August 22nd, 2016 (premiere edition):

A full-length broadcast from January 6th:

And the close of the last-ever Noticiero con Joaquín López-Dóriga , which was replaced by 10 en Punto :
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The launch of Germany's Vox from January 1993, when it was a mostly news-and-information service (The format was unsuccessful and Vox eventually relaunched as a general entertainment channel):

And from 1995, here's an even shorter-lived news channel, Australia's TNC -- with an appearance by Michael Holmes, now of CNNI:

This is how Variety reported on its demise:

Rupert Murdoch’s teaming with archrival Kerry Packer to produce an Aussie feevee news channel has triggered the collapse of a rival news operation called Australian Information Media (AIM) – and sparked a political outcry.

AIM, a A$100 million ($75 million) joint venture between pubcaster Australian Broadcasting Corp., U.S.-based Cox Communications and Fairfax publishing, announced Sept. 28 it was suspending business operations and closing The News Channel (TNC) after a short but bumpy ride. The closure resulted in 110 layoffs.

Although fully operational since its launch date three weeks ago, TNC’s future looked precarious after both Oz cablers – Murdoch-backed Foxtel and Packer-backed Optus Vision – rejected TNC as being too expensive for carriage after months of tortured negotiations.

Complete article: http://variety.com/1995/scene/markets-festivals/moguls-deal-spurs-fallout-99128494/
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Three weeks? Blimey that is a short run. I assume when it says about Murdoch and producing a channel, they're referring to Sky News Australia?

Indeed. According to Wikipedia, BSkyB held a 33% share in Sky News Australia when it launched. (Seven and Nine were the other two partners.)
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A compilation of current news intros from around the world -- countries that begin with the letter A:


And here's the letter B -- note the BBC lookalike from Bangladesh:


Just uploaded, the letter C:


The Chinese national news program should be CCTV Xinwen Lianbo. Here is a full episode of the program on Feb 17, 2016.
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TV news from two of Europe's tiniest countries...

ATV (RTVA), Andorra (pop. 80,000):

1FL TV, Liechtenstein (pop. 37,000):

By the way, Liechtenstein did not get its own television station until 2008, but it has always been able to receive TV from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
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The Chinese national news program should be CCTV Xinwen Lianbo. Here is a full episode of the program on Feb 17, 2016.

Interestingly, it Xinwen Lianbo has used the same theme since the 1980s:


Yes. The intro theme of Xinwen Lianbo (literally translated as "news simucast") was composed and put into use in March 1988. It has not been changed since then.
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