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Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Personally I would do something this :

Weekday News
ITV News with Alastair Stewart (12:00) : Alastair Stewart (Main), Nina Hossain/Charlene White (Relief)
ITV Lunchtime News (1.30) : Nina Hossain (Main) & Alastair Stewart (Main) James Mates/Steve Scott/Charlene White/Ranvir Singh (Relief)
ITV Evening News (6.30) : Mark Austin & Mary Nightingale (Main) Nina Hossain/Alastair Stewart (Relief), James Mates/Steve Scott/Natasha Kaplinsky/Charlene White (Occasional Relief)
ITV News at Ten (10.00) : Julie Etchingham (Main), James Mates (Relief), Natasha Kaplinsky (Occasional Relief)

Weekend News
ITV Lunchtime News (11.55) : Faye Barker (Main), Sangeeta Kandola/ Sascha Williams/Lucrezia Millarini (Relief)
ITV Evening/Late News : Ranvir Singh (Main), Nina Hossain/Charlene White/James Mates/Steve Scott/Natasha Kapkinsky (Relief)
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Ron Jeremy, with Moira Stuart for relief and weekends.

Wait... that didn't sound right! Wink

Anyway, enjoy your probable ban.
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