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I'll set up a new weather thread as it looks like the old one got archived a few months back.

Becky Mantin has presented her last forecast tonight as mentioned by herself 'see you sometime in the New Year' as she's due to go off to maternity again.

Guess we'll see more of Lucy, Alex and the relief presenters over the next few months.
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I like Amanda Houston and Manali Lukha but Lucy Verasamee's voice is so irritating when she starts. Do they not train these presenters how to speak a reasonable pitch and speed? BBC's Sarah Keith-Lucas is another annoying one.

Lucy Verasamy is a qualified metrologist.

Manali Lukha is also a Met Office Media Manager, a role in which she trains presenters before they appear on screen.
It's nice that ITV National Weather is now HD, but why isn't the graphics?