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Really good effort - although isn't the point of Sunrise is that Eamonn is the presenter and the other woman is the sidekick. That is the point of difference and I think it works well for them.

The roles would remain the same - but I just think it looks a little odd when it's just them on the set.

Thanks for your comment.
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It is visually very impressive - however (and maybe I'm the only person who posts here who's in a position to be this pedantic), there's no way the geometry of the newsroom would allow for a circular set in that positionYour design entertained me a great deal, but it wouldn't fly.

Sidenote: I'll let you off for the lack of a wheelchair ramp! Laughing
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Sorry, I know this is random although I am making a mock and I am new to TV Forum. I would like to know how you inset images into posts. I have uploaded them to a Metropol account I have made although now I need to know how I would add the images into the post. Any help would be great! Thanks - Corey