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Shameless plug time - after some delay, I would like to I have now finally relaunched my website, TV & Radio Bits.

Amongst the highlights are:

BBC Television Idents - over 20 screenshots of idents and presentation from the 1960s to the present day, some available as wallpaper

BBC News 24 - screenshots of the flags era

BBC South East - information and screenshots about Newsroom South East

BBC Power Cut - enhanced coverage of the 2000 power cut

BBC Choice - a look at The RDA and Liquid News

And to mark the relaunch, I even have a new domain name: http://www.tvradiobits.co.uk, which is a redirect, so the old address of http://www.users.nascr.net/~rgwill/tvradio.htm still works as well.
RW0 post since 15 Apr 2001
Jenny posted:
Cool! But can we have some more of the drawings back please? I really liked them!

Well, I figured that people would probably rather look at the real idents than my drawings of them... But due to popular demand I've reinstated some more of them, with a few new ones thrown in!