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a wiseman56 posts since 10 Aug 2005
Eight years ago, Dave Jeffery sent me a new batch of Flash Files. I was very excited - I always am when he sends me an email with attachments. I set to work on getting them ready to publish. Then I got distracted. I got married and had a child (not necessarily in that order). Work got busy (and still is).

But finally, I've found the time to publish some new TV station clocks. Most of the BBC clocks have also been updated to better reflect how and when the hands moved. You can see them all at

If you're on a mobile or tablet running iOS or modern Android, these won't work, of course. But so that you're not left out, I've converted a handful of the older Flash Files (production captions and test patterns) to a new format. There's nothing animated yet, but I've made a start. The links are on the homepage at http://625.uk.com.

Hope you enjoy them and thanks for your patience Smile
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Central (West) Midlands Today
625 was the first site I ever found for TV presentation, way back at the turn of the century when this entire area was all fields. Wink

Nice to hear its being updated again Andrew, do you intend to update any of the other sections as well on the site at some point?
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a wiseman56 posts since 10 Aug 2005
I have lots of thoughts about what I would like to do, such as rewriting the digital / PDC / c5 FAQs and the ITV unification pages to show the history of the subjects. If like to move to a responsive design. I have ideas for a couple of new pages and some more pages of logo screenshots (although these days there are plenty of other sites that do this too!). I do have more Flash Files and want to explore more Non-Flash Files.... But just putting up the last update took weeks, so it might be a slow process Smile
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a wiseman56 posts since 10 Aug 2005
Since my original post, I've added some more Flash-free files (converted from Flash to SVG, so they work on mobiles, tablets and modern browsers) to the site and over the Christmas break I managed to convert a number of ITV, C4 and BBC clocks, too!


Most of the clocks are electronic versions - the second hand jumps from one second to the next, with no animation between. But the London Weekend one should display some judder - it's more pronounced with larger displays.

There are more to come and I'll make a new, responsive page for these to live on soon, but for now they are all listed on the home page.
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