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Sky News presentation - New studio onwards

If we went by the TVF mantra of some members, Sophy Ridge would still be standing outside Downing Street instead of being the presenter of Sky's Sunday political show and one edition of Sky News Tonight per week along with cover for daytime presenters.

I'm not the first who thinks that some of the presenter moves have been bad (Sunrise Mon-Thurs), but the majority of the changes haven't been as apocalyptic as some have made it out to be.

We're still in a transitional phase where daytime pres is in the modern glass box and the rest from Sky Centre from the old Sky News set or Millbank. I'd like to see what happens once they move to their new studio before the channel is completely written off due to new younger presenters being inexperienced.
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International News Presentation: Past and Present

There have been numerous tweaks to Franceinfo since the new year, including scrapping the Radio France bulletins at x10 and x20 which has allowed for the bulletins to not feel so rushed to hit the simulcast bulletin on time.

I still think Franceinfo has potential with a refreshing format that is an alternative to rival French channels and something Sky or the NC could look at.
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Local TV

I've finally got round to watching parts of last Monday's The Crunch (Bristol). First thing that springs to mind that it felt like an English version of Heno, mixed with LWT's 6 O'Clock Show with the news bulletin inserts.

The two young presenters gelled well and have chemistry, something Sky News could learn with their current duos on Sunrise.

Made have done the impossible in making a local tv show watchable. This is the position London Live should have been in when they launched.

If they have the right duos on their other local channels, I can't see why The Crunch format can't be introduced to the other channels in the group.
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Sky News: Presenters & Rotas

Going by the 3-4pm hour, the issue I think is her delivery which is rather generic. The questions she asked Michael Fallon were the right ones, but the way she delivers those are not in the same league as Kay or any of the regulars and I'd include Sophy Ridge in that.

The Scottish guy who was on Sunrise this morning covering for Stephen Dixon has similar issues, but I find him an easier watch in the background than Kimberley sadly.
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BBC World News from New Broadcasting House

What's happened on the evening Buisness Live? It seems to only be from London this week.

The BBC is currently moving office in NYC. Once settled, the new studio set-up will be on air. I don't know whether we will see an improvement over the previous DTL headshot with a flatscreen view of midtown Manhattan. Fingers crossed for a return to an actual studio with a desk.

Is this why the US editions of Talking Business have come from DC instead?
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Arqiva for sale

Personally I think DTT will still be around, with a mix of linear and IPTV services. We live in a multi-platform society where viewers will still want some form of appointment to view tv either delivered via linear or online as well as on-demand.

If in the future DTT was switched off, every household should either have superfast broadband, DSAT or cable distribution to continue their viewing.
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Good Morning Britain

Viewing figures for individual news regions are higher than GMB. Time to axe it?

Have an Itv News branded bulletin at 6-7 - then daytime repeats and start Lorraine at 8 - Kyle at 9 - This Morning from 10

I don't like Breakfast nor Sunrise. Considering how obsessed I am about the news, an hour-long bulletin from the studios of ITN wouldn't cut it for me, considering that I often have BBC News Channel, Sky News, BBC Radio 5 Live or News Radio UK on in the background.

I'll give credit to GMB for having more actual content than Sunrise currently. Sunrise has become a loop of news and inane newspaper reviews with the same pool of reviewers. Without Eamonn Holmes to anchor it, it's shown how low budget Sky's breakfast show is.

Breakfast on the other hand manages to target the newsy and GMB's target audience well, despite Piers giving GMB a reason to tune in, there will be those who can't stand him and would rather watch the solid team over on the Beeb.
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New look Five News onwards

It appears new editor Rachel Corp is stamping her mark on the 5pm bulletin at least. Dani Sinha presented the bulletin standing up in front of the desk or at the screen to the side. At the end, she then walked to the chair behind the desk using the celing shot.

This was more like the old style 5 News presentation format than before.
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