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The Nightly Show

"CNWEST" is showing in the top right corner on ITV and ITV HD Central West also. It's also on ITV London (Sky 973), but it's not on ITV Wales or whichever region is on Sky Go. STV are showing different teleshopping.

ITV HD Border, Tyne Tees, Wales and Granada, ITV Yorkshire and STV HD do NOT have the CNWEST identifier, ITV HD Anglia, Meridian, Central and WestCountry (x2), ITV Channel and UTV HD do.

Assuming the latter group of channels is Chiswick, the rest are Leeds with them providing a clean feed to STV.
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STV Thread:

Watching STV HD during The Nightly Show, trails and the first commercial play out, then get an ITV slide before an STV HD 'SIT TIGHT!' pops up to replace it.

Does ITV have any responsibility for playing out STV output or did STV lose the feed from the ITV network?
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Sky News: Presenters & Rotas

Sophy Ridge is pulling in a 5 hour stint from the glass box since 7pm and now on Press Preview.

Not only that, she presented tonight's Pick TV bulletin AND recorded links for a half-hour syndicated programme that's sent to international clients -- all while still in the chair.

The woman's a machine, I tell you! Laughing

I take it you were too busy or too famous these days to present the Pick bulletin? Wink

Seriously, Sophy was excellent on tonight's Press Preview with decent guests. Certainly deserving of the dep role for Anna Jones.
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Red Nose Day 2017

Despite the numerous technical issues and some sketches not working out, I'd like them to continue with the comedians only policy in 2019, but with a much tighter format.

The use of Lenny Henry and Jonathan Ross was a big improvement. I'd like to see more pres work for Luisa, she was better than Fearne Cotton at least!
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