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New look BBC One - Jan 2017

Nice to see this has hit 100 pages!!

The Radio Times shows a photograph of Parr on a stepladder from behind capturing the exercise class, a different photo than we have seen before.

The viewer that has written in praises the idents and finds them intriguing and asks where the idea came from...

Of course they did...urgh...

It's damage control - what would you expect?

The amount of people praising the oneness 'idents' is an extremely small amount - it doesn't help that it came after the circles - and it then became hated by viewers, just as what happened in 2002. The difference however was that Rhythm and Movement stayed true to the red motif of ONE, and the production values were good for what it was.

All of what the oneness set suffers from the lack of thereof.

I expected nothing less, but I'm still fed up with it.
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Anglia (East) Look East

New look BBC One - Jan 2017

On a whim, I decided to email Martin Lambie-Nairn at his new company, M L-N, and jokingly asked:

Hi Martin,

Is there a way you can possibly liaise to the BBC Creative team? The idents for both BBC One and BBC Two are simply appalling!

Kind regards,

Glenn Reuben

Obviously, I knew it was a stupid question and didn't expect a reply, but lo and behold, the man did...

Hi Glenn,

I cannot remember if I responded to you re. your email about BBC 1 and BBC2 new dents.

Am currently in Brazil with limited email etc. But now am able to respond.

You ask if I have influence with the BBC design department. The simple answer is no. Even when I was creative director for brand at the BBC, I had no influence over the internal design department. That is why everything designed by me and my people was also produced by us.

However, the real answer to your question is is to be found elsewhere than amongst designers, internal or external.

On my departure from the BBC the Marketing people assumed responsibility for branding. Creativity became the servant of these people who held the budget and therefore the say so. Since that time the BBC has produces nothing of interest.

I still have not seen the work you refer to, but you are not the only person to contact me with the same comments. I can only assume that the same creative management holds sway and as long as it does the creative reputation, so hard won, will continue to disintegrate.

It is a shame, but creative leadership in the area of branding is in the hands of people who have budgets but absolutely no idea of how to judge or design great an effective work. Worst still they have no desire to listen.

However, these things come round again.

My experience is that one day someone with vision will wake up and realise that the systems and people who manage creativity in this area are not equipped to do so and changes will be made.

Maybe next time you may get a crack.


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Anglia (East) Look East

New look BBC One - Jan 2017

- People's idea of bringing back the balloons, or the myriad ideas for alternatives shows why Gluben's idea of starting a TV presentation company (which I cannot even slightly imagine being financially viable, let alone successful or a producer of good work) is a terrible idea

Sorry, I didn't mean to annoy you with my idea! Realistically, of course I don't think I could even think of forming a TV presentation company. Sure, it's a nice pipe dream, but I'm obviously not going to do it.

I guess it's like when you ask fans to come up with a piece of work for their favourite artist or TV show; inevitably, it's awful.

Again, no harm meant!
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Anglia (East) Look East

New look BBC One - Jan 2017

I think it was a case of people hating losing the globe/balloons more than hating the Rhythm & Movement idents. As far as pres-fans were concerned they came during an era where "people idents" were en vogue. Pres-fans generally prefer a bit of CGI.

Yeah, and I want to talk about this, because I genuinely believe that CGI/Symbol idents are dead in this day and age. Commentators including the sainted Applemask often pine for them to come back, and I believe it comes from the same piece of nostalgia in our brains that wants regional frontcaps back: it's not going to happen, shut up about it, let's move on.

However, I also think that real people crap like what we have been given are also rubbish. We've seen the reactions to them from various channels over the years and they don't seem to do well.

So... something in the middle... something that's real world but also with effects and a bit of CGI... perhaps those Channel 4 idents were actually good after all...

I still think there's a place for symbol idents, provided they're done properly. It doesn't all have to be CGI, but having a central symbol creates a strong ident package. I don't see why everything has to be real world, and if it has to be, don't include people as any shots of people look embarrassing.
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Anglia (East) Look East

New look BBC One - Jan 2017

Article on the BBC News website about the new idents - talk about blowing your own trumpet!

It's also getting a mention on this morning's Breakfast. For some reason though the clip of the ident they're showing looks like a low resolution copy off a tv recording, rather than a high res clean copy.

You'd have thought BBC News would have been supplied with a decent copy to help promote it, and ideally yesterday rather than the day after. Dan Walker looked a bit like he was struggling to keep a straight face when reading the press release, as if he was thinking "what the..." when seeing the clip.

I did wonder whether only 2 out of the "about 20 different idents" had been shown/filmed to allow them to get feedback. It also avoided articles about large amount of money being spent, and potentially allows them to axe the idea before all have been filmed.

Nice thought but I highly doubt it.
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Anglia (East) Look East

New look BBC One - Jan 2017

Exactly - the 90s set and the balloon era were fantastic, and circles wasn't too bad either although the surrounding presentation may have been lacking. In hindsight even the Rhythm and Movement idents were well produced and had a strong visual identity and distinctive soundtrack - the main reason we hated them was because of what they replaced and the **** we were spun about the globe, on which we all live, not being "inclusive" enough.

Wanna start a presentation company with me? Laughing
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Anglia (East) Look East

New look BBC One - Jan 2017

Perhaps it'll just be a year long experiment.

Apparently so, it's a year long collaboration according to the Daily Mail:

Great, my tweet is part of their headline. Thanks for not asking, Daily Mail.
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