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STV Central Reporting Scotland

BBC Scotland to launch new channel

there is a programming deficit of more than £100m based on what Scots pay in and what they get back.

If there's a deficit of over £100 million from what Scotland pays in than what it gets back then I dread to think what the programming deficit is for viewers in the English Regions, who of course pay the same license fee yet, bar regional news, get the grand total of 50 minutes of regional programming a week (20 minute Sunday Poltics opt-out and 30 minutes of Inside Out, of which half of the stories are used to pad out the regional news).

You have to remember that English regions, or England as a whole, doesn't have its own Parliament, justice system, health system, etc.
I agree that English regions should get more in the way of "local" programmes.

Just to add, I think the new Scottish stand-alone channel is a bad idea. Money could be better spent improving Scottish programmes on BBC One and Two, especially Reporting Scotland...
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STV Central Reporting Scotland

The Nightly Show

Will it still be called The Nightly Show when it's dropped to one night a week?

Do you think that will happen?

I doubt it. I think they'll stick with it no matter how low the viewing figures may go. Gone are the days when a programme tanks in the ratings and is pulled from the schedules right away, moved to a graveyard slot to die.
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STV Central Reporting Scotland

ITV News

Heres hoping the Evening News relaunch comes next week giving us an excuse to reset this thread and start again.

Is it an actual relaunch, though? Are they planning any other changes other than going single-headed?
If no other changes are planned, it just seems strange that they didn't go single-headed from last night, even with Alastair for now, until Mary returns from leave.
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STV Central Reporting Scotland

BBC News | Presenter & Correspondent Reshuffles

So who is going to get the Thursday-Saturday Breakfast presenting role, I wonder?

Steph McGovern or Sally Nugent would be a good shouts.

Steph McGovern confirmed on twitter that she will replace Naga on Breakfast while Naga is on Newsnight for four months.

Great choice! Steph is perfect for the role, although I think she'd be better alongside Dan...
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STV Central Reporting Scotland

New Year TV

Hogmanay telly:

BBC One Scotland

• 9:30pm BBC News (10.05pm in rest of UK)
The latest national and international news from the BBC .
• 9:45pm Reporting Scotland
The latest news and weather from BBC News Scotland.
• 9:50pm Hogmanay Live Preview
Jackie Bird looks ahead to midnight with a flavour of some of the great music to come on Hogmanay Live later in the evening.
• 10:00pm Wha's Like Us
Sanjeev Kohli takes a humorous look at how films have shown Scots, the Scots character and stereotypes, celebrating some of the nation's most memorable onscreen moments.
• 11:00pm Only an Excuse?
Jonathan Watson and the team take an irreverent swipe at the highs and lows of 2016. Featuring the biggest stories in Scottish football, popular culture, news, showbiz and the wider world in general.
• 11:30pm Hogmanay Live
See out the old and welcome in the new year with Jackie Bird, Carol Kirkwood and a great selection of musical guests. Live from the Old Fruitmarket in Glasgow.
• 12:30am Mrs. Brown's Boys (9.35pm in rest of UK)
Comedy series about a loudmouthed Irish matriarch. Agnes Brown has had enough hassle with Christmas trees to last a lifetime, so this year she refuses to have one. But with Grandad's health a worry for everyone, is there something else missing this Christmas apart from just the tree?
• 1:00am The Graham Norton Show (10.25pm in rest of UK)
On Graham's New Year's Eve sofa are award-winning actors Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, starring together in Assassin's Creed, X-Men star James McAvoy, in new film Split, comedian Frank Skinner, hosting the new series of Room 101, and Irish Olympic rowing heroes Gary and Paul O'Donovan. Plus there is music from Pete Tong and the Heritage Orchestra. series 20.
• 2:00am BBC News (3.45am in rest of UK)


• 8:30pm Film: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (9.00pm in rest of UK)
As Harry, Ron and Hermione search for the final fragments of Voldemort's soul, Hogwarts comes under attack, and the boy wizard must face his nemesis in an epic final battle.
• 11:00pm STV News Review 2016
STV news looks back on the stories, people and big issues making the headlines in Scotland during the past 12 months and how events in politics, sport and current affairs shaped the course of 2016.
• 11:15pm Lorraine Kelly's Hogmanay 2016
Recorded on a ship in Dundee with guests Judy Murray, Jenni Falconer, Elaine C Smith - recorded in panto in Aberdeen - and Stevie McCrorie.
• 12:05am Bay City Rollers Special
It is party time with the Bay City Rollers Special. Recorded live at Glasgow's legendary Barrowland and including exclusive interviews with the band and fans.
• 1:00am Teleshopping
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