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The figures all come from BARB. Interesting comment of yours - the BARB figures are based on a random sample which gives a pretty reliable estimate of viewing figures subject to random sampling error. (If you don't believe in sampling theory then you're wrong - and it's very easy to prove you're wrong). You doubt they get half of the figures that are reported, based preumably on sticking your finger in the air, and you think this is better than sampling theory. Enough said.

I don't claim my guesses are better than sampling theory at all. I just think that the random sampling system is a bad one. From the way i understand it surely theres no possible way it could be anywhere near exact. It's probably a good system for guessing at viewing figures, however i just find it odd that commercial stations inparticular base the commision and the axing of their TV shows based on these random sampling figures.

I think you have to question why the BBC decided to show the World Cup on UKTV, surely they would know that no one would watch the WC on UKTV!

Well the BBC isn't showing the World Cup on UKTV, it's sold the secondary rights for its share of the games on to UKTV. In the process it's saved some of the money it spent on the rights. I don't normally have much that's positive to say about the BBC, but this seems like a pretty good deal for the license fee funded part of the BBC. Whether it's a good deal for UKTV and its part owners (the commercial side of the BBC) well who cares.
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Did anyone else find it rather ironic that Shearer, after advising Rooney to "stick one on Ronaldo" said that Zidane's headbutt was madness and should never have happened. Either your for physical vioence of against it...
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World Cup overnight headline:

Peak during the penalty shootout:

20.5M total audience, 17.5M of them watching BBC ONE.

ITV yesterday recorded their lowest daily share ever, of 9.1%.
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Did anyone capture the ITV ending? I was very impressed with the BBC's montage and poetry...can anyone remember the name of the poem by von Goethe...I think?!

Very strange for the BBC to promo the fact that BBC Sport will 'be there' for the 2010 and 2014 World Cups! I was wondering the likelyhood of the BBC losing the rights after 2014, considering that free-to-view television will include all Freeview channels (digitilisation complete in 2012). Nothing to stop Sky Sports launching a couple of free-to-view channels and bidding? Food for thought...or does the channel have to have PSB obligations?
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I actually don't know why ITV bother when the BBC are showing a game.

They could have the greatest presentation in the world, a studio team which knocks the living hell out of the BBC, offer every viewer 100 to watch, and still lose out. People automatically turn to the BBC at times like that when they have that option.

I don't know whether they are contractually obliged to show the final, but perhaps it would make more sense to provide an alternative and show a film that may appeal to those who aren't particularly interested in football. I know ITV wouldn't want to miss out on the big game, and wouldn't want to be seem to be conceding, but they must be able to beat viewing figures like that with alternative programming.