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Lee1,493 posts since 16 Sep 2003
I'm afraid one image and a couple of words isn't good enough. This forum has given you a good chance, and after several mocks you've still not taken in the basic pieces of advice people are giving you. No wonder they're finding it an effort to vote! The irony is this idea wouldn't be all that bad if you put the effort in and followed the advice given.

Half the time I feel like I want to take control and sort the mocks forum out!
seamus1,547 posts since 24 Apr 2006
Well, my computer sucks, and I can't download gimp. I did not paste a background from a the internet, I made that myself. I'll try harder, but I just can't do good mocks b/c I don't have the resources. I wanted to make the s4c logo a differnt colour, but I know I would of been ridiculed for messing around with the logo.

EDIT: Most of the stuff I do I know is not that good, but I try to make it Good enought to get the concept across, and hope somebody can Improve on it.
Lee1,493 posts since 16 Sep 2003
Bail posted:
Lee posted:
Half the time I feel like I want to take control and sort the mocks forum out!

Heaven help us if they put you in charge...

I think it would be quite fab. I'd ban everyone for a start, because you all get on my tits. But at least I haven't totally given up on this place! Well, yet.
Paul Clark2,846 posts since 30 Sep 2004
I'm sure if this mock was animated on a large display, it would make people feel rather ill.

To be honest with you, I personally think it's quite poor; odd dimensions for your image, red-on-red clashes obscuring a jaggy logo, and above all a design I cannot see working on-screen.
nodnirG kraM2,204 posts since before January 2003
One that looks like this.


Face it Paint is not capable of producing anything worthwhile. Paint serves no purpose whatsoever other than a feature to come with Windows - the ability to edit images and photographs. Sounds great. Trouble is it hasn't had anything done to it since Windows 95 except maybe the inclusion of formats other than BMP.

There is no point whatsoever in making a "mock" in Paint. It will be terrible to look at and will only ever result in flaming.

Get a copy of better software as listed in Mr Tom Servo's sticky thread. If you can't *obtain* this software, don't mock. Simple as.