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I'm currently on holiday in the states and TBS have a strange way of starting some shows. Friends is currently on TBS and after one episode ended, the picture shrunk and the opening titles were played in a smaller box as the next episode started.

That is extreme. Not sure when TBS started doing that. But that is very very very very rare to see the titles in a separate box. You used to see alot of the end credits squeezed into a separate box as the box episode starts or re-created. Now they use a black box at the bottom of the screen is the cleaner way of handling that end credits. I hope the TBS thing doesnt spread. Thats dreadful. But these channels are coming up with newer ways into increase revenue in a splintered broadcasting landscape. But more and more people are Netflixing and cord-cutting.
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The theme song for Malaysia's TV3 in circa 1994, including programme and presentation graphics back in the day (also includes a mascot) where I would consider this as my favourite and best period where they have presentation that look more like developed country. Nowadays just look crap in my opinion. The 1990s is the decade I was born and TV3 in the 1990s was the reason I was interested in broadcasting.
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