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I'm intrigued as to how this 4K spin is being produced. Surely they're not flying out to all races full 4K OB units are they? Is the infrastructure in place at the circuits to handle it?

I get the feeling that a lot of it will be upscaled HD presented on the UHD channel.

Anyone any evidence one way or the other?
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Well, French and Saunders have got one thing exact. They don't know the lyrics to Shutdown and neither do I. But nobody there will get the joke so it doesn't matter.

Her name is Luisa Omielan by the way, and I think she is way too nervous and young to start presenting like this. She's trying but everything else there is failing around her. IAmMrDexB
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I can't wait for the TV Centre to get back into operation and they can bring proper warm up people.

Bizzare comment. A bad warm-up would bomb and get no traction or little responce with an audience anywhere. In a nightclub, theatre, sports arena or television studio.

If the warm-up act(s) get the crowd they are working wrong - then you'll have an unattentive audience. Doesn't matter whether they are in a intimate setting in a outside location, or TC1.

I think in terms of the audience response (or lack of) aside from the content not being particularly funny, I don't think the nightclub environment helps. People don't generally stand for comedy gigs.

The annoying female presenter is like a graduate from Cbeebies.