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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Thanks for the HD/UHD comparision screengrab.

You know, apart from the left hand tower (how I hope FOM use that for the race instead of that stupid full width bottom of the screen strap) being smaller, as you pointed out - the rest of the picture (even for allowing of compression of the Jpeg, and viewing it on PC monitor) in the UHD picture grab, looks in no way '4 times sharper and clearer than HD' as burbled in the Sky Q advertising. The HD/UHD grabs look identical.

Because the image is from an onboard camera which is still upscaled HD.

All trackside wired cameras are UHD and you can easily see the difference. All the RF cameras are upscaled HD.
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Central (West) Midlands Today
The world feed for the practice sessions is apparently UHD as would be the qualifying and the main race but the rest of it (the links and the VT inserts and what not that Sky do) apparently isn't or won't be.

Oh and a poster on Avforums said the two practice sessions recorded in UHD takes up 75Gb of space on the Sky Q box. No wonder they come with 2Tb hard drives.
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To be fair, I almost asked the same question yesterday – it normally comes straight after Eastenders (at least on Holby days!) and I have definitely noticed it missing on some evenings in recent months.

It usually directly follows The One Show on Wednesdays, no trails between them.
noggin12,067 posts since 26 Jun 2001

I don't think there's an open talkback line from the network master control counting down the times to a SR. However networks have made their productions control room audio feed available on election night so the local stations can listen in and know what's going to happen.

I believe Fox can remotely control and override a stations signal for a special report.

Edit : Worth noting that some special reports are optional while others are mandatory.

That's a major difference to the UK.

The BBC have a permanent talkback circuit to every English region and the three national presentation operations (Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland). This usually is a switched talkback from Network control for each network (NC1 or NC2 usually) but NC1 is switched to talkback from the news gallery for the integrated headlines in the One/Six/Ten o'clock News. (This feed had the director and the digital countdown voice on it.) This is a complicated network switch - as the ident before the One/Six/Ten is an opt-controlled by NC1, the 15" headline opt in the headline sequence is an opt controlled by the One/Six/Ten gallery. Only a brief period to make the talkback switch every day. (I think NC1 switch it)

For the General election, Children In Need etc. and other shows with major opt-outs controlled by a particular production gallery, the talkback will be switch to those.
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This year is cringeworthy. There hasn't been one laugh out loud moment at all tonight.

The other half did say that Your Mum would make a decent show though.

A poor production tonight so far. Let's see how Graham Norton gets on!
"Stop touching Dot's pussy - you don't know where it's been!" (Honey Mitchell, EastEnders)
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Luisa has to be the most low key of these comedians as I didn't know of her work until this evening. Most of the other younger comedians have had exposure on other shows.

Also, this must be the longest time that Lenny Henry has presented since the 90s? He'd normally come on, do the first link and wouldn't be seen again, replaced by a Fearne Cotton type presenter.