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Ant v Dec isn't too bad when they keep to the same level of abseiling down the South Bank studios, as opposed to playing Catchphrase with Stephen Mulhern. The End of the Show Show has its moments but last night it was astoundingly weak, felt like it was an idea cobbled together in the afternoon.
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Remember its X amount on average of course the year. Scotland Tonight goes way beyond what is required, but does not count towards peak time quoters.

Edit: STV does go above and beyond it peak time quoters aswell, espeical in election years, there a gift from the god all those debates. Last last Friday there was a special on Friday night.
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Indeed, I'd say your post I've quoted is a prime example of baiting because you have done nothing other than express your own interpretation of an argument as authoritative, definitive and moralistically superior to those who you were trying to convince.

Nail on the head right there as to what is going so wrong at the moment. Not necessarily towards James, whose posts I've seen for many years and who has always come across as a decent chap, but there seems to be this stalemate whereby both ends of the political spectrum are so loudly at odds with each other that there feels like no middle ground.

The perception right now is that everyone must be either hard left or hard right - to express a view that immigration might need to be more controlled than it is currently, you're instantly a xenophobic hard right UKIP-voting right-winger. To say that we should maybe show a bit of compassion to those in other countries who are having a bit of a bad time, you're instantly a sandal-wearing snowflake left-winger.

The vast majority of the population are somewhere in the middle of these 2 extremes, but for some reason that voice isn't cutting through, making the extremes all the more noticeable despite actually not being that big a number of people.
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Remember that ITV Gameshow documentry that aired a few years back- it had some broadcast quality clips of TVS Catchphrase in it, so someone must know where the tapes are and was able to get them to use in that programme.

I can guess the route from archive to screen with that one.

Catchphrase has a lot of connections to Action Time.
One deeply suspects that all editions of Catchphrase (even the TVS ones) were brought by Action Time, and then Action Time was brought by Carlton - so, therefore now sitting around in the ITV Archive in Leeds.
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They seemed a little looser this time round which I was pleased to see.

It was nice to see things going a little less smoothly but the show is still far too cheesy for my liking. This naff 'Morcambe & Wise lite' act they seem to have settled into now seemed especially grating last night having spent yesterday watching sm:tv live videos on youtube.
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