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To shroud the printout of the presentation, so people couldn't see what it said?

I'm beginning to see more of the latter in my post - are they truly that ashamed?

I think it's far more likely whatever was being covered contained potentially sensitive/confidential information. Standard good practice to shield such things from prying eyes/cameras in public spaces.

The contents, whether shame inducing or pats on the back all round, are anyone's guess, outside of those privy to the presentation.
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I never understand all this pomp, at least here broom and your oot the door within hours.

We have it with our Queen and parliament, makes things look more official and powerful, with status. Personally I like it. It's like a birthday party for the state.
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Somebody must have signed these off, whoever it was, does clearly not have the required vision to continue.

I see there are no longer controller of channels at the BBC, total shambles as usual, can't they just put "normal" people in charge of these things. Why do they always have to have some sort of meaning BS that no one can understand. All we want is a clear ident that shows channel identity and general theme, not difficult BBC. Some guy off the street could have created something better (at least idea wise). How someone can look at these idents and say yes they are good is beyond me. The more I look at them, the more they annoy me. I would honestly just prefer a blank screen with a BBC One logo in the centre. Perhaps I need to find a hobby.
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