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UTV Newsline
The following article was linked by "swordsman" on page 68 of the Sky News presentation thread.

ITV executives have insisted that moving the evening news is only temporary, but journalists in the broadcaster's newsroom are not convinced that the bulletin will return permanently to the 10pm slot.

The newsroom are said to be pinning their hopes on Tom Bradby delivering a timely rebuff to ITV executives, as he is tipped to win the presenter of the year prize at the Royal Television Society's TV journalism awards , which take place on Wednesday, three days after the bulletin is shunted out of the 10pm slot. The newsreader is up against BBC anchors Emily Maitlis and Victoria Derbyshire.

The BBC's News at Ten is up for the daily news programme of the year award. An ITV News source said: "The channel claimed they would make the show as important to the ITV brand as Downton Abbey, but now they seem intent on pushing the news around.

"What is so baffling is that the programme is in good shape but now morale is low and people are wondering if the big name hires like Peston will want to stick around."

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The last time ITV was live from a Disneyland on a Saturday night was back in April 1992 when what was EuroDisney opened.

And if memory serves - it also fell foul of the ITC/BCC and had a 'undue prominence to Euro Disney' complaint upheld against it.

I thought they were treading a bit close to the line once again last night, the feature just felt like an extended promotion for Disneyland and Virgin Atlantic.
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UTV Newsline
So the BBC source thinks it will get less viewers than it already gets, without ITV competition and the usual depletion of figures due to an internal ad break?

Of course, with its live second by second return path data from 7m+ Sky homes, Sky will have a more accurate picture of the number of pay homes tuning in, than BARB (who will be more useful for Freeview and cable stats).

Switching off or to another channel in the ad break? Surely, viewers would want to see the stories that are previewed in "Coming Up" just before the commercial break.
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Indeed, I'd say your post I've quoted is a prime example of baiting because you have done nothing other than express your own interpretation of an argument as authoritative, definitive and moralistically superior to those who you were trying to convince.

Nail on the head right there as to what is going so wrong at the moment. Not necessarily towards James, whose posts I've seen for many years and who has always come across as a decent chap, but there seems to be this stalemate whereby both ends of the political spectrum are so loudly at odds with each other that there feels like no middle ground.

The perception right now is that everyone must be either hard left or hard right - to express a view that immigration might need to be more controlled than it is currently, you're instantly a xenophobic hard right UKIP-voting right-winger. To say that we should maybe show a bit of compassion to those in other countries who are having a bit of a bad time, you're instantly a sandal-wearing snowflake left-winger.

The vast majority of the population are somewhere in the middle of these 2 extremes, but for some reason that voice isn't cutting through, making the extremes all the more noticeable despite actually not being that big a number of people.

Absolutely. The UK is centre ground in politics anyway. Most Brits care about those in genuine peril and in need of compassion, and we all want things resolved. Being concerned about mass immigration is a natural human trait, it means neither that people are anti-immigration or racist. Controlling immigration would also benefit those poor refugees because the public would be more sympathetic towards helping them. Politicians are not helping though. When Labour won Stoke on Thursday, straightaway it was said that the victory represented "Politics of hope rather than politics of fear" which suggested that anyone who voted for a person other than Snell, were horrible wicked people spreading hate. What does "hope over fear" even relate to? And why the need to say it? Then the Libdem Baroness on 'This Week' accused the Tories of being "far right" which Andrew Neill and Alan Johnson slammed her for. It is politicians who are causing the divisions by using soundbites that are dangerous and deliberately provocative. But........I suggest we leave it there with regards to the "Politics" side of DS.

What I have genuinely missed about Digital Spy's downtime is the TV Ratings discussions as it seems odd not having a chance to take part in a Let It Shine is a flop and The Voice is a monster hit discussion! I wonder how Let It Shine did in the ratings last night?
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UTV Newsline
Just looking at EPG for next Saturday (4th March):

- BBC coverage is on BBC Two NI, 10am-1pm
- UTV on air 10.20am-1.30pm

When the dust settles next Sunday, BBC One NI takes the entire 11am-12.15pm Sunday Politics slot, while UTV have an analysis show from 1.35pm-2.50pm.

All in all then, the coverage mirrors the extent of last year's Assembly Elections, which is very positive particularly from a UTV perspective.

Last night's UTV debate with the Greens, PBP and TUV was based around the UTV Live desk rather than using the 'debate' set with the podiums, which isn't entirely surprising I suppose.

Good to see the EPG changed and UTV are now showing coverage next weekend as initially they had repeats of the Voice etc. and good to see no major cutdown of UTV coverage under ITV ownership.