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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
The clock is not there.

Pretty sure it is.

Yeah, but not at the beginning. Sorry about that.

There's no clock in the TOTH sequence. The logo, and usual TOTH graphics (including the date) are missing for the sequence, and all graphics are present when the main body of the programme begins.
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I wonder if Ian was originally planned to present today or if he's a late substitute given that he made the report that led the programme on police raids this morning? It's rare these days for the presenter to have been reporting the same day.

Ian was on last night too, he might be on all week.

Meanwhile on calendar GMB this morning it was James Webster again, so presumably he is now a regular cover presenter for the bulletin.

Harry back on the 6.30 tonight.
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A fault during the ad break in Harry Hill's You've Been Framed just now on UTV and this filler played... On brand - not!

Having gone back over the recording, I thought it didn't look quite as it did when it played out on screen. I've passed the recording through a different video editor and you can clearly see that it isn't a wipe to a blank white screen, but to a grey logo on a slightly less bright white background.

Watch here