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TV Dan184 posts since 24 Mar 2013
And odd how the background clock image doesn't run to the floor so you have an odd cut off to white.

The whole studio feels too bright for an evening bulletin.
p_c_u_k1,758 posts since 27 Mar 2004
My alarm bell is in the interview with Kevin Lygo where he says "critically acclaimed is a meaningless term".

I fully get the fact that ITV is a commercial broadcaster and is there to get tons of viewers, but there needs to be a solid base of programmes to make it feel like a quality channel to watch. I'd be very wary of ITV veering back into its post-merger territory when it really didn't seem to know what it was doing.
fanoftv7,208 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Central (West) Midlands Today
The sketches, particularly the nominee sketch was very well produced and well acted. I like the versatility of the set with bespoke backgrounds, better than a city backdrop.

I'm liking the programme so far and think that David is a good fit in the role, a shame that it is just for one week, by the time we become used to a host it'll be time to move on to another.

The accelerated flow into the programme is the best way to go imo to retain the audience from 9pm. I quite liked the crash in to the ad break *or trailer break).
JRY42 posts since 16 Feb 2016
There's some nice editorial changes which have been made here, not just ones in term of branding too. Great first in-depth piece by Alex Crawford.

The Big Ben style titles are lovely, but they seem choppy - and the biggest gripe is the non-existent Sky News theme music. I hate to hark back to 2001-2005, or 2005- era, but then, there was a very clear signature theme tune, and that is something which is clearly lacking at the moment. It works fine for the general TOTH, which is a few seconds long, and graphically is fairly simple, however when you've got these wonderful sweeping shots of the clock face of Big Ben, the lack of a signature theme makes the titles look poor.

I'm surprised the 'real' clock face backdrop which was used at 10pm isn't used throughout the whole programme, either. I actually thought it would stay on screen throughout and would reflect the time. I think that would've looked nicer.
Mouseboy331,705 posts since 10 Feb 2014
It looks really odd with Anna framed to the left of the shot - you almost expect an over the shoulder image to appear.

It looks marginally better when Anna is framed central in the shot but they seem to be swapping and changing.

I was just about the say the same thing. It just looks off. And not sure about that huge clockface at a tilted angle. Eehhh. Yawn..
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