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Firstly, I should say that compared to the very first thing you posted on The Gallery, this is an improvement.


The two main points you've received so far are:

(1) The shapes should 'slope' at the same angle as your Slash logo.
(2) The text needs to be bolder in order to be easily readable.

Your update doesn't solve either. Take on board people's feedback and your work will improve.

I can't do #1, believe me I've tried.
I have been working away at #2 and am eager for you to see it now.
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In Canada, network interruptions are pretty streamlined similar to the United Kingdom. Master control facilities for the major networks are hubbed in a central location (primarily Toronto), and if a interruption were to occur it would transpire with a simple preemption notice or a jump cut to a live studio.
Unfortunately, network interruptions are a rare occurrence. They directly result into lost advertisement time, the primary source of revenue for most stations. The closest "special report" you'll get in Canada is when it's planned ahead of time.

It's worth noting that in addition to hubbed master control that (I believe) most of the networks supply the full programming day - save for local news. When they carry and transmit the full schedule live there's little need for a countdown or a large coordinated effort. Additionally most networks are made up of owned stations with each having less than five affiliates which clear most of the schedule and has little need for the dramatic cut in.

It should be thankful that special reports occur so rare in Canada where in the US it's usually means something bad has happened. But given this current presidential administration political special reports are more common and not in a good way.
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Watching it on Friday there was noticeable issues with the acoustics. This perhaps affected the atmosphere & studio audience's response, and was the reason some features didn't quite work. For me the Vic & Bob sketch felt somewhat awkward, and I dare say not one of Vic's 'props' (or at least I hope it was) wasn't entirely suitable for pre-watershed. I did like the bit of fun continuity on BBC2 at 10pm between the female announcer (whose name I don't know) and Duncan.
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Yeah, I have a feeling the acoustics might have affected the audience as well, I know Vic and Bob aren't for everyone but there were at least a couple of lines that would've got a decent laugh out of most audiences that got absolutely nothing, same with one or two things guests said in Graham Norton's slot.

There were a few strange choices with the running order, seems that Norton's big sofa meant that there wasn't room for anything else on stage so a few things that ordinarily might be post-news were on much earlier. I really like Toast of London but it's not exactly a mainstream show so the pre-watershed slot was a bit odd, in hindsight that should've been pre-recorded on location.
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Wasn't the audience standing? That wouldn't have helped in them relaxing and laughing.
The sheer amount of background noise at some bits suggested there might have been a bar - bit of a mistake if so, they need to be sure the audience are paying attention.
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There is a large bar at the venue (which is actually just a nightclub usually hired out for corporate events etc) and I wouldn't be surprised if it was open, given the rowdy behaviour.

It was the sort of atmosphere we MIGHT have considered mesmirising had it been an experimental late night Channel 4 show. It wasn't, it was Red Nose Day.