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But also keep in mind every BBC station is a BBC operated station. Not every station in the US is owned by the network. So they have agreements in place on when and how they they can interrupt a station. And these agreements vary by network. Plus there are literally thousands of stations and 4 time zones, so it seems this system works the best to opt into a network special report or opt-out. I find it amazing that hundreds of stations can opt-in seamlessly to their local forecast on the TODAY during the weather segment and even local advert breaks without the viewer noticing.

Each network has 200 or so affiliates.

The morning show Weather opt outs are done by hand with the stations listening in for the forecaster to toss to them and they have 30 seconds to fill. Some stations do it live while others do prerecorded forecasts.

As for the ad breaks I think they are remotely triggered by the network control and a signal is sent to the station. The station knows the format of the breaks and the lengths.

Oh and this is literally the timings report for of Today for this Saturday:


As you can see only the local availabilities at :25 and :55 past the hour are guaranteed (or close to it) times.

And for comparison Nightly News:


Sports rundowns appear like they do for Nightly News where the advertisers and whose in which block is known.

Recorded programs are easier because stations know that oh 01:17:02 into the movie they have 1:34 worth of ad time to fill.

The screen captures are from a "backup site" that NBC runs. They're the only one to have a public facing timing site.
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I'm confused as to what the 'obit lights' would look like.

You can also get Obit Lights in the same style as the Mic Live lights seen above.
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Sophy Ridge is pulling in a 5 hour stint from the glass box since 7pm and now on Press Preview.

Not only that, she presented tonight's Pick TV bulletin AND recorded links for a half-hour syndicated programme that's sent to international clients -- all while still in the chair.

The woman's a machine, I tell you! Laughing

I take it you were too busy or too famous these days to present the Pick bulletin? Wink

Seriously, Sophy was excellent on tonight's Press Preview with decent guests. Certainly deserving of the dep role for Anna Jones.

They wanted me but I was unavailable. Or not good enough. Can't remember which.
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